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Family Law issues related to divorce are very personal, emotional and can come at a very high cost.  Selecting the right family attorney to help guide you through the process with reasoned and compassionate advice is critical.   As your advocate, I strive to assist my clients in a manner that meets their unique needs and resolves their problems so they can move on to the next phase of their lives.  I offer my clients a free initial consultation where I listen to your situation and provide information on how I can help.

Areas of Practice

Divorce & Custody

Over the past 18 years, I have discovered that resolving disputes through amicable measures usually serves the best interest of both parties.  The process is easier on their children and generally results in a better post-divorce relationship.  This is particularly important where some interaction is necessary because the couple has children together and will need to be able to communicate and make parenting decisions together over the years.  However, when a workable situation is not possible, I am still prepared to assist in traditional divorce litigation in a manner that focuses on constructive resolution.  Divorce simply does not need to be destructive and the right professional can help you avoid that.

Collaborative Law

This is an innovative way to divorce and is the newest Alternative Dispute Resolution method. Both parties work together to resolve their disagreements with no threat of litigation.  Issues such as Child Custody, Property Division, Spousal and Child Support are handled in an amicable and confidential environment.  To learn more, you can watch an instructive video on collaborative law at the bottom of this page, or you can visit the Spokane County Collaborative Professional's website:

Estate Planning

Estate planning may involve a trust, wills, beneficiary designations, form of property ownership, powers of appointment, lifetime gifts, durable powers of attorney, and health care directives (aka: Living Wills).  The correct combination of these can provide an effective method for delegating authority and the efficient succession of ownership upon death.  An important part of any estate plan should include a discussion about the unique attributes of every family and what can be done, not just to transfer wealth, but to eliminate any potential problems or conflicts over the future administration of an estate as well as maximizing the estate value by reducing expenses, unnecessary tax consequences and other expenditures.  

Mediation Services
While lawsuits are a matter of public record, both the discussion, negotiation and any settlement achieved at mediation are confidential by agreement.  As a mediator, I have established a mediation practice that is best described as both facilitative and evaluative.  As a mediator I am prohibited from giving legal advice, but as I have done literally hundreds of divorces, I can suggest solutions that perhaps neither party has considered and I can tell you what I think a judicial officer might do with your facts.   This combination of assistance is sometimes all that is needed to help a couple overcome whatever difficulty is impeding their settlement.

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If you're considering a divorce, please take a few minutes to watch this Today show video that explains how Collaborative Law might be the best solution for you and your spouse.